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Sheep Stacker card game app

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The Sheep Stacker game app
The Sheep Stacker game app for the iPhone is amazingly good fun and it is not rude. You have to build a tower of sheep. Bit of a strange thing to want to do but it makes for a good game. The sheep are swung from a crane and held on by a plunger. When you touch the screen, the suspended sheep falls straight down. Listen out for the squishy wool sound when one sheep’s leg land on the back of another sheep. They also make baa sounds.

Try not to stack too many sheep on one side , the stack will start to tilt. If they are dropped and land crooked, it may knock the top one off. Try to land your sheep perfectly square. \if you manage this skill you will be rewarded with a bonus added to your score. There’s no time limit to make the next drop so you can take your time.

There are three modes in the Sheep Stacker game. In the classic game you keep stacking sheep in a tower until you’ve dropped too many sheep. In the baa-lance game sheep fall at random. You have to catch them in a wagon. You control the wagon by tilting your iPhone left and right. You have to try to catch each sheep without un-baa-lancing the sheep tower. The third game called Speed Stack is like the Classic game, but you race against the clock.


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