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Harbor Master game App for the iPhone review, Harbour Master game App for the iPhone review

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Harbor Master (Harbour Master) game app

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Harbor (Harbour) Master container shipping control game
Now this is a fun game that starts off slow and simple and then get progressively hard. You have to manage two container ports and lots of container ships. One Harbor is coloured purple and the other Harbour is coloured orange. When ships appear on the screen their cargo containers are coloured either orange or purple. You have to be the harbour master and direct the purple cargo carrying ships to the purple harbor and direct the orange cargo carrying ships to the orange harbor. You do this by using your finger to draw the boats path to the harbour. After the boat is unloaded you have to draw its path off screen. You must watch out for other boats and have to avoid crashes.


It is very much like Flight Control. It can be very frustrating at times and that is where the fun is. You have to wait for the boats to unload. The more cargo containers your boat holds the longer it takes for the ship to be unloaded. This is where your skill at being a Harbour Master shows out. Sometimes you have to put waiting ships in a holding pattern, where they will not crash into other ships, whilst you wait for other ships to unload. You also have to compensate for the fact that the larger ships are slower than the smaller boats. As you progress you also have to put up with the effects of a cyclone. There are different maps.

On the full game one of the maps is called Cannon Beach where you have to avoid pirates who will steal your cargo and if your ship is empty, sink it. You do have a land based cannon with which you can fire on the pirates. This is a good reason to upgrade to the full version.

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