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Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D game app for the iPhone review

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Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D game app

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Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D game app
There are a number of different stacking games available. Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D app for the iPhone is a balancing style game where your try to stack as many prefabricated building sections of a tower block on top of each other without making them fall. If you don’t get it exactly centred your building will have a tendency to wobble thus making it even harder to put the next level on top in the centre.

The crane operator is obviously not very good at his job as the building segments swing around the sky which makes it even harder to drop them in the correct position. Combine this with the tower wobbling and you have a challenging game.

If you manage to get a segment perfectly dropped in the right position you get a higher score. The more perfectly centred tower segments you get in a row, the higher your score will be. It will also increase your ‘population’ score. Lining up tower segments with a balcony add an additional bonus to your population score.

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D has a quick mode, party mode, time attack, and city mode. The Build City mode is the ‘full game’ and comes with 3 major cities, where you have to fill each city with tower blocks.

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