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How many pages can you have on your iPhone, How Many Apps Can Your iPhone Hold, 148 apps,

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How many Apps & Pages can you have on your iPhone

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How many apps and pages can your iPhone have?
You can have a maximum of eleven pages of apps. Each page can hold sixteen apps. Using the iPhone calculator that makes 176 apps. (plus the “Fab 4” apps Mail Safari Phone and iPod in the dock at the bottom). You can only have this amount of iPhone apps so long as you have not filled up the iPhone’s memory with music. In the past you could only have 9 pages of apps, which totals out to be 148 apps. This screen shoot is from my phone. You can see the dots at the bottom. Each one represents a page and there are eleven dots.

If you have tried downloading an app from the App Store and nothing happens it maybe because you have filled up the app capacity of your iPhone. If you have tried to download a paid for app which failed, you can download it again for free, If the reason it failed is because your phone has reached it’s App limit just delete an app you no longer use and re-download the new App.

iPad weather app iPad YouTube app iPad app store iPad calendar app iPad voice recorder app iPad compass app iPad map app iPad camera app iPad phone app iPad safari app iPad mail app iPad messaging app iPad stocks app iPad music app

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