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iPhone Apple mobile safari internet browser tips,Apple mobile safari internet browser tips, mobile safari tips

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Apple mobile safari internet browsing tips

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Full web address not required
With the iPhone Apple Safari Internet browser you do not have to type the full internet address. The browser automatically assumes that the address starts with www and ends in .com. So if you want to go to the Apple website instead of typing you type apple and the Safari browser will insert the www. at the front and .com at the back.

Domain Suffix
Now this is way cool. When you type a website name you so not have to type the bit at the end, the suffix. Hold down the ‘.com’ button and you will see a selection of domain name endings that you can choose from.

iPhone Apple mobile safari internet browsing tips

Web address magnifying glass
Sometimes web addresses are very long. There may be an error that is directing you to the wrong page. The text is quite small on the iPhone so Apple has given you a small magnifying glass so you can see what you are doing. Tap the web address entry box and this will bring up the keyboard. Then keep your finger on the long web address you want to look at for a couple of seconds and this will bring up the magnifying glass. To turn it off just remove your finger from the screen.


Access to recently used sites
A handy feature of the iPhone Apple Safari Internet browser is when you start to type the web address you want a drop down list appears of past addresses you have visited. If you see the internet web address you want just touch it and it loads that website. It saves you having to type it out again.

How do I e-mail a web address
If you find a website you really like on your iphone and want to send it to a friend via e-mail or text just double tap in any spare white space at the end of the web address. You will get the options Select, Select All and Paste. Choose Select All. Then the Cut Copy Paste menu appears. Touch Copy. Open up and e-mail or text. Double tap the screen and choose Paste.

The Double tap zoom and centre
This is a neat trick. If you are reading a news website or a different type of website with a lot of text just double tap a section of text you want to read. The Safari Internet browser zooms into that text and centres it in the screen.

The Picture double tap
If you double tap an image on a web page it will centre the image and if it is small zoom in.

iPhone Apple mobile safari internet browsing tips iPhone Apple mobile safari internet browsing tips

Double tap the top
If you have been reading a long section of text on a web page and you want to get back to the top all you have to do is double tap the screen under the digital clock at the top of the screen. If you want to see the web address bar as well double tap the grey top bar.

Pinch Zoom
You can use your thumb and forefinger in a pinching movement to zoom out. To zoom in do the opposite. Move your fingers apart.

The apple mobile Safari internet browser hides the scrollbars on the page, until you start scrolling with your fingertips to drag pages up or down. You can also flick up or down to scroll faster. Tap the page at any time to stop the scrolling.

Zoom to a column
You can zoom into text columns as well as pictures. Double tap on the column to zoom in. Double-tap again to return out of the zoom.

Examining the URL
To have a look at a link's destination web address, touch and hold the link for a few seconds. You can also do this with images to see if they are linked. If a link appears and you don't want to activate it, just slide your finger away until the destination text disappears.

You can make a phone Call from Safari
If you find any phone numbers on a website you would like to call, you do not need to jump to the phone app. Just tap on the number, and the iPhone will dial it for you immediately

Instant full stop
When typing on the iPhone, double tapping the space bar at the end of a sentence automatically enters a full stop (period) followed by a space. No need to press "123" button to get to the numbers and symbols page where the period typically resides. This trick really increases typing speed.

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