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Real racing GTi VW racing game app

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Real racing all new 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI game app
A number of other reviewers rave about the Real racing all new 2010 Golf GTI racing game app for the iphone. It is a good solid racing game with smooth graphics but lacks that sparkle. More interesting tracks would be a help. If you choose the ‘quick race’ mode you race against five other Volkswagen Golf 2010 GTIs in a three-lap race. In the lite free game, you only get one track. In ‘career mode’ you can play a two-lap race, but with three race tracks Mayapan Beach, Forino Valley and Montclair. The flaring of the sun as you come around the bend on the Mayapan Beach racing track is a nice touch. The palm trees on the Forino Valley race circuit are attractive. I liked the two rock tunnels, mountain landscape and wind turbines of the Montclair track but the half timbered houses looked out of place. The Time Trial mode is a race for the best clock time.

There are five different methods for controlling your VW Golf GTI . You can switch between manual and automatic acceleration, and either accelerometer-controlled or manual steering, all with touch-screen controls. Firemint's Real Racing all new 2010 Golf GTI app is sponsored by Volkswagen to introduce the all-new 2010 GTI. There are lots of VW adverts placed around the various tracks.

If you do move on and purchase the full version you benefit by being able to race through forests, burning deserts and seaside circuits. If you are really bigheaded or vane you can link to your YouTube channel to publish your best laps automatically. You can also make sure your friends know about how well you have done on Facebook and Twitter. That I think is really sad! The Real Racing all new 2010 Golf GTI app also has a showroom option where you can have a look at the new 2010 golf GTIs.

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