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Bubble Town 2 game app

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Bubble Town 2 game app
There are no bubbles or towns in Bubble town 2. This is not a city building game. The aim is to fire a colored ball called a ‘borbs’ from the cannon at the bottom of the screen and make chains of three or more. Each of the borbs yawns, smiles and grimaces as you play, adding a great deal of character to the game. Completed chains disappear. Extra balls hanging off the chain are dropped down and bonuses added. You must try to clear the whole board before the balls drop below the line at the bottom of the screen. You have a limited amount of ammo. When it runs out it lowers the screen and replenishes your ammo stock. If one of the borbs reaches the line at the bottom it's Game Over. The charming graphics and animation make Bubble Town insanely addictive. Go pop some Borbs!


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