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3D Brick Breaker game app

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Brick Breaker Revolution 3D game app
Brick Breaker Revolution 3D game app is a modern version of the old classic arcade brick wall game Breakout. It still involves a bat, a ball, and a wall of bricks that you have to try to knock down. They have added a plot based around the player trying to escape from a computer matrix. It now has flashy 3D graphics. The electronic ball knocks out any bricks it touches. It then bounces back or ricochets off the surrounding walls. To win each round you have to smash all the bricks and keep your ball in play.

When you try Revolution mode, which ramps up the challenge by adding a gap and paddle to the top of the screen as well as the bottom. The bricks act as a buffer initially. Once you've cleared a hole through the bricks you have to use the second bat. There is a danger of losing the ball at the top of the screen as well as the bottom. This revolutionises the original breakout play style. You can no longer rely on the back wall to bouncing the ball back into the field of play. You have to you keep your eye on the ball's path. You have to be ready to paddle the ball back into play when required


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