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Space Deadbeef classic shoot’em up game app for the iphone

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Space Deadbeef game app

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Space Deadbeef classic shoot’em up game app
I like the Space Deadbeef gaming app for the iPhone. It is simple and fun to play. The graphics are of a better class than most. It is a classic side scrolling shoot’em up gaming app where dozens of enemy space craft appear at the same time and try to shoot you down whilst you try to shoot them. It is a target rich environment that will keep you busy. In front of your speeding space ship appear dozen of powerfully armed bad guys that simultaneously challenge you for ownership of the sky.

Space Deadbeef classic shoot’em up game app for the iphone

Space Deadbeef classic shoot’em up game app for the iphone

The cloud sky is an attractive background in which to do battle. Enemy aircraft will try to shoot you down with rockets but watch out for the kamikaze charge. You use the touch screen to direct all firing. It is a bit like using lasar guided rocket systems. You just touch the enemy ships you want to attack or on the bigger enemy aircraft the part you want to hit. Your missiles then lock on to that target and whoosh off they go. You can tap on the screen with your finger, to send missiles to multipule targets at the same time

This is not the only way of launching your attack. Hold your finger down on the screen and drag it over all the target. They become missile lockedm but the missiles do not launch until you lift your finger off the screen. Some enemy aircraft are harder to destroy tha others. The smaller ones just need one rocket to blow them out of the sky. The bigger the get the harder they are to explode

You can deploy a more powerful missile if you touch your spacecraft with your finger and keep it down. You build up power and when you release your finger a pulse of energy is released that destroys anything in its path. Whilst you still have your finger on your ship powering up, slide it up and down with your finger to get it into the right height opposite the baddies. Remember the pulse weapon is not a homing weapon. It just fires in a straight line.

A trick I found that worked well was placing your finger on the screen where lines of enemy ships crossed each other as they flew across the screen one behind the other. As they passed under your finger they were target locked. You have to remain alert and move your aircraft out of any incoming rocket’s path. It only takes one hit to blow you out of the sky in a burning ball of flame. Space Deadbeef ramps up in difficulty the longer you survive.


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