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Touch Ski 3D arcade touch screen skiing game iPhone App review

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Touch Ski 3D skiing game app

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Touch Ski 3D arcade touch screen skiing game
I like ski games they are different to the normal shooting and car racing games. The Touch Ski 3D game app for the iPhone has unusual game controls. You use two finger tips to control the tips of your skis. When the skis are held parallel about one inch apart, the score counter glows green and you glide fast down the slope. To slow down you move your fingers together. To move left extend your right finger to move right extend your left finger.

The full game of Touch Ski 3D features 42 course and 7 game modes across 4 difficulty levels. There are sixteen slalom courses, four tight slalom course, sixteen race courses, four freestyle trick parks, distance ski jump, freestyle trick ski jump and ski school training mode.

In race mode Touch Ski 3D the player has to complete a downhill slalom course in the best time possible. You have to dart between color markers as they appear down the mountainside course.

In Touch Ski 3D Ski Jump mode, the objective is to make it to the bottom of the ramp in as fast and straight as possible in order to jump the greatest distance. Pulling both fingers off the screen at the moment the skis cross the red line at the bottom of the ramp adds a boost to the jump. In Touch Ski 3D distance Ski Jump mode, at lift-off, the skis are held in a "V" formation to maximize air travel. You can do a variety of in-air tricks including: Spread Eagle, Daffy, Rocket Air, Japan Air, and Spins These are carried out by swiping and tap-holding the screen's quadrants, while in the air.


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