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Ski Jump,Ski Jump iPhone, Ski Jump game app iPhone review,Ski Jump review,Ski Jump iPhone review

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Ski Jump game app

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Ski Jump game app
I enjoy games like Ski Jump that are unusual and not the normal racing or shoot’em up computer game. It is not the best game in the world. The graphics need a complete upgrade. Ski Jump gaming app’s look is very arcade. It is simple to play and can become addictive as you try to get a better score.

When you start the game you find your skier at the top of the ramp ready to go. To begin the decent down the ramp you press the green button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You keep it pressed until the end of the ramp to get the best jump. As you are in the air turn your iPhone to the left to maintain lift. You will see an ark in front of the skier. Try to keep the top of the skies in the blue section to get maximum lift. Before you land you have to tilt your phone to the right and move the tips of the skis into the green otherwise you will crash land.

There is also another game where you try to land on a target distance rather than trying to get the longest jump. There is a two player option where you can also fly off a bigger ski jump which is harder than the smaller jump.


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