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iSki snowboarding slalom game app

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iSki snowboarding slalom game app
I enjoy games like iSki snowboarding slalom game app as they are unusual and not the normal racing or shoot’em up computer game. You can choose your player at the start of the game. It is nice to see a female snowboarding character as part of that list. It is not the best game in the world. The graphics need an upgrade. The iSki snowboarding slalom app’s look is very arcade. It is simple to play and can become addictive as you try to get a better score.


Tilt the iPhone to the left to slightly turn left. Tilt the iPhone to the right to slightly turn right. Tilt the iPhone forward to speed up one level. There are three speed levels. Tilt the iPhone backward to slow your speed down one level. You can jump by pushing the white on screen up arrow. To pause the game push the pause button in the bottom left corner. You get reward points when you pass the green flags on left and pass red flags on the right. You get extra points if you pass at high speed. You get extra points if you gather the purple flag and one more life if you gather the golden flag. There is a spirit level on the bottom menu bar to help you know which way you are moving your iPhone. There is also a gauge that shows you how far away you are from the finish.


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