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Ice Road Trucker TV Show game app for the iphone

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Ice Road Trucker TV Show game app

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Ice road trucker app racing game review
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Ice Road Truckers TV series set in the frozen north of Canada. The courage of these drivers taking very heavy loads over frozen lakes is admirable verging on the insane. If you have not seen the Ice Road Truckers TV show it is a documentary about the annual rush to get stores and equipment to the mining encampments in the hostile environment of Canada’s Northern Territory. There are no roads. The land is flooded tundra in the summer. The only way of moving supplies into these areas is when the land and the lakes freeze during the winter months. There is always a danger of the trucks falling through the ice and a cold death.

When I found there was an Ice Road Truckers game app I just had to have it. Visually it was beautifully but my main grip is it is too hard. To unlock the next level you have to speed to get top the finish line. In reality you do not speed because of the road and ice conditions. The bad truckers speed and crash. On some roads there is a maximum and minimum speed limit.

On the plus side the Ice Road Truckers gaming engine is so good that you can feel these monster trucks sliding on the ice. There are not many games that allow you to drive large trucks at speed. This is fun especially in a white winter wonderland. The Ice Road Truckers app calls for you to drive an 18-wheeler truck and see if you can get it through icy arctic roads and deliver your haul from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk.. This will be timed of course and obviously, the best time wins. The controls feel a bit clunky but remember what sort of vehicle you are driving. In the game's favor, the slow acceleration and wide turns do make you feel like you're in control of a massive lorry

There are seven levels with different routes and five big rigs trucks to drive across the ice. You have to beat the clock to unlock the next track. Level one and two tracks have fewer turns and wider roads. Later levels offer more hairpin roads and a more mountainous terrain. In theory the trucks you can drive all handle slightly differently from one another, but we it is not that noticable.

If you crash into another truck or a stationary object like a tree all that happens is that your truck is bounced backward. There is no crumpling of metal. It gives the impression that your huge heavy truck is weightless. This is a bad coding that is strangly out of place in a game that feels realistic in most other aspects. One thing that is missing is a multiplayer option.

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