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Parking Mania - The parking game app

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Parking mania game app
So you think you can park a car do you! The Parking Mania game app for the iPhone will challenge non-drivers and drivers alike. This is a charming car parking game for iPhone. It has crisp two-dimensional graphics with a bird-eye’s view of the action. You are put behind the wheel of a range of different vehicles from family saloons to big trucks.

All learner drivers find parking a nightmare and some qualified drivers. You progress by earning money for each car you park. Parking mania’s controls are simple. You just tilt your iphone left or right to control the steering wheel and move the drag pedal to accelerate or reverse the car. You follow arrows to locate the flashing green parking place where you need to park. If you crash five times and the game ends.

As you progress the levels become harder with denser moving traffic to navigate through, tighter turns, and multiple objectives. You can play your own music during the game if you do not like the simple background music track that comes with the game.

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