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SnowMoto Snowmobile racing game app for the iPhone review

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Snowmobile Snowmoto racing game app

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SnowMoto Snowmobile racing game app
I enjoy games like SnowMoto game app as they are unusual and not the normal car racing or shoot’em up computer game. The graphics are stunning and transport you to the winter alpine countryside full of pine trees and covered in white snow. It features six different snowy tracks that take about two minutes each to complete. The controls are very easy. You just turn the iPhone left and right to move left or right. The game gives you the sensation of drifting over the snow and sliding around corners.


There are 2 game modes; single player or multiplayer via a local bluetooth connection. You race against seven computer controlled opponents whos skills can be set to easy, medium, hard or Dynamic. If you crash into one of the other snowmobiles there is a danger of you being thrown off your ride. When other riders crash into you your rider waves a clenched fist at them. If you are too slow near the exit area of a jump you are in danger of being knocked of your snowmobile by the competition.

You can perform tricks while going off jumps simply by tapping the centre of the screen. Snow Moto supports playing music tracks from your iPhone library instead of the music that comes with the game.


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