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Crazy Snowboard racing game app

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Crazy Snowboard racing game app
I enjoy games like Crazy Snowboard racing game app as they are unusual and not the normal car racing or shoot’em up computer game. It is simple to play and can become addictive as you try to get a better score. The controls are easy. Turn your iPhone like a car’s steering wheel to move left or right. As you go over a jump hold down your finger in the bottom right hand corner, to crouch down and then release. Once you are in the air, touch and hold different areas on the screen to activate tricks/grabs. Make sure you finish your grab before you land or you'll wipeout.

In Crazy Snowboard there are two options Free Ride and Mission. In Free Ride option you just enjoy snowboarding down an endless beautiful alpine slope, doing grabs and tricks. The Mission option contains 30 levels in which you have to complete certain tasks. As you speed along down hill you have to earn enough points to obtain a bronze, silver or gold medal. The tasks range from collecting a certain number of coins to jumping through a certain number of rings in the air. The difficulty increases as you progress through the levels. Also in mission mode there are a number of hazards to be avoided. You wipe out if you crash into any of the conifer trees, rocks, rails, grind boxes, logs or snowmen.

The points you earn can then be put towards purchasing different grabs. There are 16 to choose from. You can also use the points to buy a different snowboard from a selection of 13. There is a screen print feature to capture all those tricks you perform. The photos are saved to your iPhone film roll. You can play your iPhone music playlist in the background instead of the 6 tracks that come with the game and mute sound effects.


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