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XE Currency exchange rate app iphone review, XE Currency app iphone review, XE Currency app iphone

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Currency - Foreign Exchange app

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XE Currency exchange rate app
If you are going on holiday or run a business where you buy or sell products abroad XE Currency exchange rate app is the app for you. You can keep an eye on the changing currency market. The results are the business rates not the tourist rates but remember these are the currency exchange rates used by your credit card company.

The XE Currency exchange rate app lets you update the currency rates every 60 seconds, or auto update every 15 minutes. On the front page you can set up to 10 currencies that you want to keep an eye one

XE Currency exchange rate app iphone review, XE Currency app iphone review, XE Currency app iphone

The top currency with the text in orange is the main currency you want to base akll the exchange rates on. In my case this is the British Pound. All the other selected currencies will show the current rate compared with the top currency. Their rates will adjust

You can edit the value of the base currency. Instead of the rate checking against say 1 you could set it to check against say 1000. To change the currency amount just tap the X button and a number key pad comes up. Press the enter button, the big one botton right, to enter the amount. In this way you can use it as a currency converter when abroad. Remember you will have to have data roaming set to ON. This could be expensive

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