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The Apple iPhone – Brothers in Arms WW2 shooting game app review

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Brothers in Arms BIA WW2 game app

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Brothers in Arms WW2 shooting game app review
The Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes WW2 shooting action game for Apples iPhone is better quality than most games available at Apple’s App Store. In the full version of Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes iPhone gaming app there are 13 missions in Brothers in Arms and in one of them you get to drive a tank. Brothers in Arms is a very attractive game. The scenery looks great with only a few noticeable shortcuts

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This World War II action game stretches from Africa to Berlin and then back to Normandy. The free lite version of Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes app starts in western Europe after D-day. It is based on the big consol game. It is a good historical shooting game but unfortunately let down by the controls. There is a tutorial that explains the control scheme but they feel unnatural and awkward. The main control is in the lower left corner of the screen. To look around and aim, you slide a finger from your other hand around the screen. A plus point is that this iPhone version of the game features a slight auto-aim that nudges your crosshairs on top of a target if you get close enough to it.

There is plenty in this game to keep you occupied like sniping at Nazis blowing up things with bazookas and ambushing the enemy. The Germans are not silly. They take cover and are very good shots. To add a bit of realism whenever you get close to a German position, you can hear them talking to each other in German.

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