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The iTank battle iPhone game Apps review by Craig Moore

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iTank Battle game app

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iTank Battle game app review
If you touch the options button you can change the volume of sound effects and the music. You can also control how you move the tank either by gravity or analogue. I prefer using the analogue manual controls. On the left hand side of the screen you will see and four navigational arrows (up, down left and right) that control movement. To fire you just touch your tank. It is really a game of hide and seek whilst protecting your flank from attack. You position your tank near a building and wait for an enemy tank to go past you. When it is in your sites you try to blow it up.

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As you increase the difficulty level it gets harder to kill an enemy tank. One direct hit will not get through the armour. Above your tank is a green line that measures that tanks heath. You have to keep firing until it is dead. It is not as easy as it sounds. Your tank also has a strength meter so keep an eye on that. It is good fun if a bit limited. The Crazy Tanks game app is a much better tank shooting game.

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