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Crazy Tanks shooting game app for the iphone review,Crazy Tanks app, Crazy Tanks app iphone review

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Crazy Tanks shooting game app

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Crazy Tanks shooting game app review
The Crazy Tanks shooting game app for the iphone is one of many tank games that can be found at Apples iPhone App Store. This is in a higher class than most. When you start your first game you can choose your difficulty level from easy, normal and crazy. You steer you tank by turning your iPhone left and right. You can see where your shellfire will go by the green dotty line extending from your tanks gun turret. The red tanks are the baddies. They move fast and you have to be agile to shoot them. To fire your gun just tap the screen. The red tanks are firing at you so you have to move all the time to avoid being hit. If your strength is getting low look to drive over a red cross icon to restore your armour.

Crazy Tanks shooting game app for the iphone review,Crazy Tanks app, Crazy Tanks app iphone review

In the top right hand corner there is a small picture of a red tank and a number. That shows you how many enemy tanks you still have to blow up. Underneath that is the game pause button. Look out for extra power ups to collect. Just drive over them to activate it. Tilting your phone up and down changes your direction from forward to backwards. I use this a lot whilst moving the tank left to right hunting for multiple enemy tanks to fire at. As you advance to harder levels the scenery changes and you also have to deal with gun emplacements. The Crazy Tanks app for the iPhone is a really fun shooting game.

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