iPhone & iPad Apps Review
Independent reviews on Applications for Apple's iPhone & iPad with tips

The best free and low priced Apps on Apple's App Store

iPad weather app iPad YouTube app iPad app store iPad calendar app iPad voice recorder app iPad compass app iPad map app iPad camera app iPad phone app iPad safari app iPad mail app iPad messaging app iPad stocks app iPad music app

Tips & Tricks
Apple's Safari Internet Browser Tips
How many Apps and Pages can you have?
How to take a screen shot
Podcasts made simple

Photography Apps
Colour Splash Cool App
Free Camera Zoom
Filter FX
Crop For Free
Flash For Free
HDR for Free

News & Weather Apps
Sky News
NY Times
World News BBC Reader
Weather Bug

Game Apps
PAC - Man
Chocolate Shop Frenzy
Battle Bears
Parachute Panic
Snake XT
SAM Surface to Air Mayhem
FSS Hockey - Air Hockey table
Brick Breaker
Bubble Town 2
Sheep Stacker
Crack the code
Checkers - Draughts
Harbor Master

Space Deadbeef

Top 20 Utility Apps
TV Guide
Torch - use your iPhone as a flashlight
Thief Alert - sounds an alarm when moved
Find My Car
Disc Space - see how much room is left
Banner - Send messages across the room
Privately - browse the internet in private
My Altitude - GPS height finder app
Flixster - Movie trailer player
Shazam - It finds the music title and artist
Thetrainline _ Railway Timetable app
Currency - Foreign Exchange Converter
TubeMap - London Underground Map
Check Please - Tip calculator
Google - Go straight to the search engine
UK National Lottery Lotto ticket checker

Pregnancy & Baby Apps
Pregnancy 411 Guide
Childhood Diseases
Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

Baby Nursing Master App
mPregnancy for men
Pregnancy Birth Contraction Master
Fertility and Pregnancy Calculator
Baby Pregnancy Tracker

Menstrual Calendar Apps
Free Menstrual Calendar
Period Plus Menstrual Calendar
Maybe Baby Fertility Calendar
iPeriod Menstruation Tracker

Racing & Driving Game Apps
Parking Mania
Ice Road Trucker
Ferrari GT
Real Racing GTi
Aqua Moto Jet-ski Racing

War Game Apps
ibomber Great Game App
Crazy Tanks
AC-130 Quality Game App
Brothers in Arms - BIA free
3DB - 3D Bomber

Snow & Skiing Game Apps
Snowflake World Tour Snow Globe
Touch Ski
Ski Jump
iSki snowboarding game
Little red sled
Crazy Snowboard
Snowmobile racing
Great Game App

Silly fun Apps
Hand X-ray

Space & Astronomy Apps

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iPhone weather app iPhone YouTube app iPhone app store iPhone calendar app iPhone voice recorder app iPhone compass app iPhone map app iPhone camera app iPhone phone app iPhone safari app iPhone mail app iPhone messaging app iPhone stocks app iPhone music app